disconnect from an aging grid for true energy independence

Off Grid

We specialize in designing and installing custom off grid systems for homeowners across the state of Colorado. Whether in a remote mountain location, or looking to disconnect from a costly and unreliable grid, we have the solution for you.

Your off grid solution

Off Grid System Installations

Elevated combines solar, battery back-up, and smart panel technologies to design and install cutting edge off grid systems for any application.

We start our process by performing an initial consultation and free site survey to learn more about your project and goals for going off grid. Based on what we learn, we will design a system that meets your needs for production and storage, in order to provide sufficient autonomy to outlast severe Colorado weather patterns and keep your home powered. By leveraging SPAN smart panel technology, our systems have the ability to increase battery life and allow you to monitor production and usage at a granular level for increased control and piece of mind.

Thanks to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), going off grid makes more financial sense than ever before. The IRA extends a 30% tax refund for solar panels, smart panel upgrades, and energy storage solutions (battery backup) - meaning your entire off grid system will qualify for 30% off or more.

To learn more about the IRA, net metering, the solar panels we install, and off grid project timelines, visit the Elevated FAQ Page.